Friday, October 21, 2005

Yeah But Can It Split Lanes?

Philips Proto-Trike Bike
From the Tokyo Motorcycle Show and not the craziest bike at the show, oh no. But I like the concept behind an enclosed cockpit on a motorcycle in theory. The reality of it would be that you'd be stuck inside a different kind of cage which is not what motorcycling is about for me. Its a combination of movement and being in touch with your environment. Its smelling the fresh air, its feeling the salt air, its feeling the wind on your chest and hearing your engine roar. Besides, a three wheeled motorcycle-like machine isn't a motorcycle, its a tricycle and is, inherently, a really unstable platform for vehicles. A problem which becomes more dangerous the faster you go. Has anyone else noticed that they no longer sell those three wheeled ATV's? Yeah, it was because they kept flipping over and crushing their riders, bit of a bummer, eh?
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