Monday, October 03, 2005

Successful Test Run

Successful Test Run
Successful Test Run,
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The WeeRide test run this Saturday was a full-on success. We parked at my work downtown and then hit the river path out to the wharf and up onto West Cliff.

The wind wasn't too terrible but it was still a fair amount of work to push us along the beach path out to Natural Bridges.

Graydon really enjoyed the view from his new seat although he wasn't so thrilled about the helmet (which wasn't helped that it didn't fit him quite as well as it could have). I enjoyed the ride alot because we were sharing it rather than me just blazing along on my own.

And there were plenty of fun things to see and people and the beach and everything. On one of the concrete stairways down to the beach, a guy had put a desk out and a sign that said "Advice" for people to just sit and talk to him about whatever. I thought that was kind of cool.

One bride posing for pictures above the surf, couples enjoying the late season sunny day, a family trying to sell off a few wolf pups next to the lighthouse above Steamer's. And, of course, lots of pretty, pretty people out running or cycling and working out.

Some adjustments to be made for the WeeRide: new handlebars will make it easier to both of us as my present bars bang up against the arm rest of the seat. My seat needs to be a little higher but that becomes alot more complicated with the WeeRide support bar bolted to the seat post. And we're trading in the first helmet for another one that's got a much better support system so the helmet fits way better with less hassle.

And then we will be out burning it up again! I will also look into putting the seat on my Mojo and seeing how that works as well.
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