Friday, September 16, 2005

East Bay: Three Bears

This was a great route I rode last Saturday 9/10/2005. It was sure nice to be riding in cool bay area weather compared to the oven like conditions I rode in all summer up here in Sac-o-tomato.

From Solano Ave / Ramona in Albany this route was ~38 miles with 3100' of climbing. I went up Solano to Kensington Circle, then Los Angeles to Spruce and up the hill from there. Man what great views of the "entire" bay area on Spruce St !!! Then Wildcat Canyon through Tilden Park over to San Pablo Dm Rd, Right on Castro Ranch Rd, Right on Alhambra Valley Rd., Right on Bear Creek Rd, and then retrace the route via Wildcat etc.

Thanks to Solano Ave. Cyclery for this great map + descritpion:

The only bummer of the whole ride was that I caught up to a truck pulling a horse trailer while descending Wildcat Canyon, so was not able to rip that descent as fast as I would have liked. Plus I had to smell horse dookie for a couple of miles. Blech...
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