Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Weekend O Riding

Wheew. What a weekend. Friday morning: 40 mile road ride, Saturday: Epic mountain bike ride in Tahoe along the northern section of the Tahoe Rim Trail up to the Mt. Rose Wilderness boundary (9100'), then mega 2+ hours of descending through various trails back to Northstar where we spent the night. Sunday: Epic mountain bike ride on the Tahoe Rim Trail from Spooner Lake to Kingsbury Grade and back. Sunday Afternoon/Monday: absolutely fried. I haven't been this sore in a a long time. Finally today, I'm feeling like I can walk normally again and my ass doesn't hurt so bad sitting in my office. This was my first trip up to Tahoe this summer and it was a great one. Major bummer of the weekend was that my Hayes disc brakes are shot on the Bullit. I bled them on Friday afternoon, and they were virtually worthless on Saturday. Then I had the Northstar shop bleed them again on Saturday evening and on Sunday they felt good when I picked the bike up from the shop but by the time we had climbed way up high overlooking Lake Tahoe, the elevation had screwed them again and they were working at maybe 25% of their full stopping power. I think they are pretty much done for. From what others tell me, if you get 2 years out of set of Hayes, you've got your money out of them. I have some really great pictures and videos I'll post on teambaggy.com tonight, hopefully. We had excellent Mexican food in Truckee on Saturday night along with some killer margaritas! Then on Sunday morning we were treated to a batch of Smokapelli's Super Secret banana oatmeal waffles, Peet's espresso ala Chris' coffee bong (aka Moka Pot). But man was Sunday's ride a chore. I have never wanted a ride to be over so bad in my life. I was just done, and with my brakes not working very well, I just couldn't enjoy the descents very much. Had to be really careful in the corners, and plan my braking moves way ahead. I didn't have that last second oh shit braking power that you need on these types of trails. Overall a great weekend, and next time I think we'll do a shorter ride on Sunday so we're not all so worked by the end of the weekend.
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