Monday, August 08, 2005

Big Wheeler Ride

The Q-Bike for people who need something a little different from the rest of us but aren't quite adept enough for a unicycle. It looks like a good time and I wouldn't mind playing around with one. But I wouldn't want to descend anything serious on it though I suppose it would be especially easy to step off the back of in case of emergency.

And I bet it fits in the back of a car alot easier than a regular bicycle. For $250 though, it needs a little more something. Not sure what but it needs it. Oh yes, it does have a freewheel built into the pedals and crank so you can coast, unlike the old bikes like this where you went as fast as you were pedalling at all times.

And you don't need a ladder to get on to this bike. That's a plus too. But I'll be holding on to my Ibis and Phat, for now.
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