Monday, May 02, 2005

Ode to My Bullit & Spin City Group Road Ride

Dear Bullit - I promise to ride you in the near future, I promise. I know you are sitting in my garage gathering dust, tires slowly leaking air, and in need of a good washing. I know you need to have your brakes bled and a new set of pads installed. I know you are dying to bomb down some sweet twisty singletrack or launch a jump here and there. See, the problem is I have this other bike called the Onix which I'm really enjoying right now. The weather has been great and I've been putting in alot of miles on the road training for the Sierra Century on June 4th. After that, there should be enough snow melted that we can start hitting the granite up at Grouse Ridge. So again, sorry Bullit, but you have not been forgotten!

On another note I got up early on Saturday and went down to join up with the Spin City group road ride. The turnout was really low this week. There were only 6 people there. One guy was on some sort of mountain bike with semi-slick tires. He and his girlfriend, who was on a road bike, were not able to keep up with the pace. Not that we were hammering, but road bikes are just so much faster than mountain bikes on pavement. So eventually they bailed and headed back. I met up with a mountain bike racer who rides road for training. Eventually the group dwindled down to just he & I. He was hammering pretty good and I took him up and showed him this new loop that I discovered last week. This was after we'd already done a majority of the regular route. This guy could spin a low gear amazingly fast. I tried this but just wobbled too much and found my legs spinning out of control. Not sure if that is something that can be learned or if I'm just the type of rider who pushes a harder gear at a lower cadence. Something to think about next time I'm out solo. Anyways the weather was great, it was too bad more people didn't show up. My legs are still a bit toasted after this ride. I'll be hitting the gym this week and hopefully a pre-work ride with Chris as well.
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