Monday, May 16, 2005

Back on the MTB!

Went out early yesterday morning with a new neighbor, Erik, for an excellent ride up in Auburn. We rode for 3:45 and did a LOT of climbing. I'm guessing it was over 3000' and probably close to 28 miles. The trails were great! No dust, no mud, just perfect. It was kinda humid and felt kinda like we were in Florida or something. We rode Clementine to the Foresthill Connector Trail then the entire Foresthill Loop (which I haven't done in a couple of years) then back down the Connector to Culvert & Confluence. The Foresthill Loop was fun high speed buffed single track which was a nice change of pace. Culvert & Confluence (my top 2 trails in Auburn) were great as usual. Somewhere along the way I managed to break a spoke in my rear wheel. Always cool to meet new riding buddies!
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