Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Riding to work

Dammit, blogger just thrashed my last post. Guess I'll have to start composing my posts in a text editor then cutting and pasting, just so I have a backup.

Now back to retyping this post...

On Saturday I did a test ride from my house to work. I wanted to see how long it would take and estimate the mileage since I don't "yet" have a cycle computer. I headed out via country roads over to Granite Bay and hopped on the American River Bike Trail at Beals Point. The American River Bike Trail is a great multi-use paved trail that runs 26 miles from Folsom Lake all the way to downtown Sacramento. Since there is no way in hell I would ride my bike on Sunrise Ave. or Hazel Ave. this is my best choice to avoid cars as much as possible. It took me about 1:15 minutes to get to work, which isn't bad considering it usually takes me 45 minutes via car to travel 16 miles. My route via bike is a bit longer, ~25 miles I'm estimating. So I'll probably give it a try next week once we're into daylight savings time. We have a shower & lockers at work which is cool. I can stash my work clothes in a locker on Monday then ride to work on Tuesday and not have to carry a huge backpack. I'll post again and give an update on how it goes!
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