Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Great Day for a Ride!

Chris & I headed out on Sunday morning for a 2 hour 25 minute road ride. We left Rocklin headed up through Lincoln, discovered that Sioux Rd. now connects with 12 Bridges Rod. so we no longer have to ride on Highway 65, which is nice. From Lincoln we headed out into the country up Virginiatown Rd. to Gold Hill Rd. then the semi-steep climbs on Ridge Rd. over to Newcastle. From there we climbed up Indian Hill Rd. to Auburn, then blasted a descent down to Newcastle. Top speed on this descent was 37 mph. It was super fun, no cars, and the road was smooooth. Took a quick detour to check out the house I grew up in over on Newcastle Rd. Still looks great. We then headed down Auburn Folsom Rd. to King Rd. where I got to feel what it's like to draft. Simply amazing. Chris was cranking along and while I stayed in his slipstream, I hardly had to pedal. Even had to feather the brakes to keep the proper distance a few times. Then I jumped out and pulled for a bit. Good fun. Total climbing for the day was just under 2000' and total mileage was just under 40. Below is a graph from Chris' cycle computer.

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