Monday, January 03, 2005

Snuck in a ride last Friday

Coming to the realization that there had just been too much rain
falling to go mountain biking I remembered, hey I have a road bike
now! So in between storms I got lucky and headed out for a nice 2
hour road ride. It was pretty darn cold and I need to get some warmer
clothing for road riding thats for sure. I put on a short sleeve
jersey, arm warmers, a long sleeve jersey, a fairly thick vest, a
beanie under my helmet, knee/leg warmers, neoprene knee braces, wool
socks and was pretty warm. Could have used longer pants and a jacket,
and probably some shoe covers as my toes got a little numb by the end
of the ride. It's amazing how much colder you get on a road bike.
Mainly because you are going faster and are more exposed to the wind.
I had a good ride aside from the asshole hicks yelling at me with ther
heads hung out the window of their beater green farm truck. Too bad
there wasn't a road sign close by as they hung their heads out the
window, that would teach them! It was actually sunny with a few
clouds passing by during my ride. The road was dry except for a few
puddles here and there. There was some nasty headwinds on the
homestretch though that almost had me into granny gear which on my
road bike is a 39X25. It was fun and felt great to get a bit of
exercise after being stuck inside for so long.
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