Monday, January 17, 2005


Took the Onix out for another ride yesterday afternoon. The sun was out, the air was crisp & cool, a great day for a ride. I took a new route today on Chris' recommendation. From our house I headed up to Lincoln via Highway 65, Right on Ferrari Ranch Rd., Left on 193, Right on East St., Right on Virginiatown Rd., Right on Gold Hill Rd., Left on Ridge Rd., Right on 193, up over I-80, then down Newcastle Rd., Right on Brennans Rd., Right on Kings Rd., Left on Del Mar Ave., Right on Taylor Rd., Right on Midas and back up to our house via numerous side streets.

Virginiatown Rd. was great! Out in the countryside with very few cars. Nice rolling hills. Lots of nice views of the Sierra Foothills. Then Ridge Rd. which has a couple of nice climbs which will cause you to get up out of the saddle for sure! Was going to go up Inidan Hill Rd., but was running out of time, so just bombed down Newcastle Rd. instead. It's fun riding on all the old roads I used to drive on as a kid. It brings back some great memories.

I'm glad I'm able to head out for these road rides. It really clears your mind. If I didn't have a road bike, then yesterday would have been another non riding day for me. It's great to just jump on and pedal out of your driveway for a nice 2 hour spin. The Onix is so much fun to ride. It's one fast little beast that's for sure. It's such a different feeling when accelerating on it compared to a squishy mountain bike. Fun! I do need to adjust my cleats or pedals or something. I'm just not having any luck clipping into those Speedplay Zeros. Must have them set up wrong or something.

Got home, had some recovery drink, took a nice hot shower then headed out for some steak with the family at Tahoe Joes. A great day!
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