Monday, December 27, 2004

Taking a New Plunge

It's almost 2005 and it's about time to pick up a new ride since my SV up and expired on me. And so, on this rainy Monday between Christmas and the New Year, I have laid down some duckets and now have my new commuter bike on order.

It'll be here later this week and that means I can start riding next week.

I test rode my new bike's bigger brother. Yep, its got a huge brawny chest, tall seat, wicked torque, nice big gas tank, fabulous neutral riding position, built in storage, hand protection, dual sport capability and a refreshingly utilitarian ethic.

But the tall seat and too much low end torque didn't really work for me so I opted for a well known engine in the 650. Its the same as in my SV (though I'm sure the new bike's rods will not be seized) but the bike's ergos and mission statement are much different from the road buzzing SV.

The new bike will be lots of fun, I'm sure. Oh yeah, its also $3000 less than the 1000. Which means I can get a new set of leathers and a new helmet or two.

And it had better stop being crappy weather soon or I am going to get pissed off. I wanted to get some riding in this week as I've not been out on my bikes in months and it just blows. Watsonville is NOT a bike friendly town at all.
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