Thursday, December 02, 2004

Review: PowerBar Performance Recovery Drink

I have been using Shaklee Physique as my post-ride recovery drink for a couple of years now. I've even started using after spinning class or a particularly hard workout. This stuff is great. It gets your muscles back in shape quickly, and virtually eliminates all soreness the next day. With Physique I've been able to do multiple day epic rides up in Tahoe. Otherwise it would be a major bonk fest the next day.

So I was recently in a local bike shop, Bicycle Emporium in Auburn, and saw some packets of the PowerBar Performance Revovery Drink. I'd been wanting to try this stuff for a while, but didn't want to buy a whole tub of it without trying it first. So it was cool that they had it in individual serving packets. The packet says it contains 2 servings, but I just dumped the whole thing into my water bottle and mixed it with 16 oz of water. It took me a little longer to down this, as I'm used to the 8 oz serving size of the Shaklee. The taste was decent, kinda like a Gatorade or something. I think it's labeled as Tangerine Orange or something like that. The product worked as advertised. I felt great the next day no soreness at all. Now granted this wasn't a huge 6 hour Tahoe epic or anything, just a quick 1.5 hour ride up in Auburn. So the things I like are the individual serving packets. These are great and easy to throw in your Camelbak. Easier to mix, so there is less room for spillage. The taste is ok. I think I prefer the Shaklee, especially if mixed with orange juice! The volume is a bit hard to drink, but that could be different after a longer ride. I haven't done the math to see how the pricing compares between the individual packets vs. the tub, but I'm guessing the packets will be slightly more expensive in the long run. Still a great idea, and it will be handy to keep a few of them in your pack in case you forget to bring along your regular recovery drink!
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