Monday, December 06, 2004

My name is Jay - and I'm a Bike-a-Holic

I've crossed over to the dark side and bought my first road bike. Been doing alot of research over the past few months. Narrowed it down to a few bikes. Really loved the Orbea's. They are made in Spain, have a lifetime warranty, great customer service, have the most amazing paint jobs (not a single sticker or decal on the bike), and just damn sexy. The bike I wanted was their newest one called the Onix. Saw one over at Spin City a couple of weeks ago, but it was priced out of my reach. So I happened to stop by a local bike shop which I'd never been in before, Nimbus Bicycles. I had heard that they carried Orbea's too. After another bad experience at Bicycles Plus in Folsom, it was a nice change of pace to have someone actually say "hello" to you. Steve over at Nimbus Bicycles was great. He hooked me up with an amazing deal on a 2005 Onix with full Ultegra group. He knocked the price down to a deal I could not pass up! So without even test riding I bought it on the spot. It's pretty much set up exactly the way I want it. All I had to do was adjust the seat height, install my pedals and I was ready to roll.

Took it out for a quick spin on Saturday afternoon. All I can say is "WOW". What an amazing ride. It's fast, nimble, smooth and very comfortable. I'm just stoked to be able to head out of my garage and go for a ride without having to load up all my gear and mountain bike and drive 30 minutes to Auburn. I still love mountain biking, but I just don't have the time to do it as often as I like. So this will be a fun experience. I'm looking forward to heading out into the country and Sierra Foothills. It's amazing how much ground you can cover in a short amount of time.

Back to Bicycles Plus in Folsom. I've been in this shop probably 6 times over the past couple of years. Not once in those 6 times has anyone said "hello" or "can I help you". Sometimes you don't want any help, and just want to browse. But generally I at least like to be greeted when I walk in the door. I've talked to others who've had similar experiences with that shop. So they didn't get my business and probably wont get any in the future either.
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