Monday, December 20, 2004

Great Fall/Winter Auburn Ride!

Chris, John and I met up with a couple of other cool dudes from - Gary (Finch Platte) & Jim (Jilm). We headed up to Auburn for a nice helping of single track. When we left Rocklin it was bone chilling cold, foggy and about 45 degrees. Driving up I-80 and bam, all of a sudden it's gorgeous and sunny, sweet! It was just a bluebird day up in Auburn. Slightly chilly on descents but warm enough for shorts & short sleeves. We took a slightly different route which was kinda cool and it ended up being a really great ride. I was prepared to bail out when my knee started to hurt too bad, but that never happened and I managed to hang in there for the entire ride. I just took it pretty easy on the climbs and all was good. We took the following route: Stagecoach --> Manzanita --> Stagecoach --> Upper Stagecoach --> Mossy Rock --> cross the Foresthill Bridge --> Fuel Break --> FDLT Connector (out & back) --> Culvert --> Confluence. Thanks to Finch for showing us the new way up to Fuel Break! It was just a great day with a great bunch of guys. And damn if Finch isn't fast as hell on his single speed! So when we left Auburn it was almost 70 degrees, and then back down into the valley fog where again it was only about 48 degrees. It felt great to be out on the bike again and it was exactly what I needed to refresh my stale mind.

We've got a few pictures up on the following thread:
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