Thursday, July 08, 2004

My First Road Ride

Well I never thought I'd ride a road bike but today I gave it a whirl. Since Chris got his beautiful new Calfee, he's looking to sell his old Trek OCLV 5500. I wanted to give it a try 1) to see if I like road biking and 2) to see if his old bike fit me or not. Well it was indeed fun to ride, but the bike unfortunately doesn't fit me. We did a nice loop out of Rocklin up 65 towards Lincoln then up 193 over to Sierra College Blvd. then down into Rocklin and back up to our houses. It's amazing how fast road bikes accellerate compared to mountain bikes, and the handling is a whole other world compared to my barcolounger Bullit! Good stuff though. Now I'll have to consider if I want to purchase a bike of my own or not. It is nice to just be able to ride out of your garage and not have to load up a bunch of gear into your car. We'll see....
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