Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Norcal Bikers Review: Shaklee Physique® Workout Maximizer Supplement

Shaklee Physique® Workout Maximizer Supplement

Chris turned me onto this stuff last year after a particularly punishing mountain bike ride. Now I pretty much don't leave home without it when I'm heading off for a big ride. I'm even taking it after spin class or a hard workout on the weights. All I can say is that it just plain works. I used to get these wicked headaches and extremely sore muscles after riding. Now thanks to Shaklee I feel great a few hours after the ride and the following day. It only comes in a banana flavor, but I think it tastes great when mixed with water, milk or especially orange juice! Give it a try. If you'd like to order some let me know as we have a Shaklee member account.
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