Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Grouse & Spaulding Ride Pictures

Chris, Jay, Dave & John headed up the hill again to ride the Fordyce Creek Jeep trail to Grouse Ridge Trail to Spaulding Lake Trail (out & back). Another great ride. Everyone rode well & had a great time. The jeep action was stellar again as well. We even saw an actual Hummer (the orignial H1 not the newer H2) off road. What was even funnier than seeing a Hummer off the pavement was that it was being driven by a soccer mom type with kids in the back! Even a baby in a car seat, unreal. Now mind you this is not just a dirt road, this is the Fordyce Creek Jeep trail. This trail is more technically challenging than the infamous Rubicon Trail up near Lake Tahoe.

Photo Album :: Grouse - Spaulding 52304
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