Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Crank Brothers - Mallet M Pedals

I think these Crank Brothers - Mallet Ms will be my next set of pedals. The weigh in at 440g which is only a few more grams than my current Time ATAC pedals. I've been looking for a clipless platform pedal to help out in those technical situations where you either clip out or can't quite get clipped in in time. I love the Time's for their ease of entry exit and mud-shedding ability. The Egg Beaters concept is great with the 4-sided entry, and with the caged platform these seem to be ideal. I also like the way the Egg Beater clips will kind of scissor flat when you're on the pedal but not clipped in or while riding with standard flat shoes. I'm also due for a new pair of shoes. I'll likely replace my current Specialized Comp Mountain's with another pair of the same. They just fit so well and the Body Geometry seems to work with my feet. I'll post a pedal review once I get them and test ride a few times.
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