Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old School Tall/Converta Bike

via Chicks and Bikes
You could look at this photo for a few minutes and keep seeing interesting details. Like that it appears the bike's frame is really a bed headboard. Or maybe that there's no way to tell what kind of seat she has. Or how she stopped. Or why she's wearing high heels and a dress. And where is she riding this bike, it kind of reminds me of the Rose Bowl for some reason.

There are so many questions to ask and so few answers to be had.

But that's okay. The reality is that it is the asking of the questions that leads to the answers being found. In all things.

Keep asking questions. Keep wondering what's around the next corner. Keep yourself open to the myriad unfolding possibilities in every single instant of every single second.

Oh and if you are going to go riding a tall bike like this, maybe think about some protection for your head. Falling from that high would hurt an awful lot. 
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