Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bumping Up from Theft to Attempted Murder

Live Oak father shot at while retrieving son's stolen bike.

This is kind of a messed up story and it involves some pretty serious dumbassery on the part of the thief and his pals. Going from a pretty simple bike theft to attempted murder is a rather large step up in menace to society level. And, hopefully, police interest in finding the perps.

And the odd fact that the father sought help from a nearby house and was refused aid. Not knowing the back story there (could be a half blind little old lady living there who won't open the door for anyone or anything), it seems pretty cold to not try to help someone out when they need help. Especially when they've got some moron busters in a truck popping caps at them.

What could have been done to prevent this theft in the first place? Putting the bike away or locking it up. It sucks that it was stolen off the family's front porch but thieves are brazen these days. Lock it or lose it, sorry!

Glad the dad was okay and hope the punk losers who stole the bike and then took a few shots at the father get caught and sent up the river.
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