Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lattice Carbon Fiber Bike Frame

Delta 7 Sports | Arantix Bike Frame | IsoTruss Bike
They offer 7 reasons why the Lattice Carbon Fiber Frame is better (note, not saying I buy all of these but they make some good arguments):
1. Higher Performance Materials: Made of superior high-grade aerospace carbon fiber that is significantly stronger than other common products.

2. Most Efficient Structure: Patented open lattice design leverages greater efficiency from the carbon fiber’s strength by concentrating material at proper reinforcement intervals and eliminating excess material.

3. Lighter Structure: Withstands same high loads as other carbon fiber frames with fewer fibers.

4. Increased Stiffness: Standard stiffness & deflection testing shows the Arantix is more similar to high grade aluminum alloys. Unique design and geometry provide increased response, handling and transfer of pedaling force.

5. Superior Resilience: Redundant lattice structure makes the Arantix even stronger during impact/crash scenarios by isolating damage without compromising the whole frame.

6. Ride-Optimization: Redundant lattice geometry of the Arantix allows for direction specific design. The frame may be customized with more fibers on the side for improved lateral stiffness as well as fewer fibers on top/bottom for greater vertical compliance, opening up a world of ride tuning possibilities.

7. Unparalleled: The Arantix is an extreme performance hand-crafted composite mountain bike frame produced in a limited production run. With its unique patented IsoTruss® technology, there is nothing else like it on the planet.

Our Take: It looks pretty cool but what happens if you go riding in the mud and get that open lattice good and packed up with mud? And it looks like a couple of good hard hits in the same place are going to fracture that lattice alot more easily than a solid tube. Maybe that's just my ignorance of the strength characteristics of the lattice. A pretty cool looking bike that is sure to get conversation started everywhere you go.
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