Friday, June 29, 2007

Two Wheels ARE Better

It takes two-wheels to beat the traffic and the savings in commute time (which is largely a waste of time and money and adds alot of stress to boot) add up quickly. Three hours a week for commuters that choose a motorcycle or scooter over a car. That's 165 hours a year or almost an entire week!

Not to mention the cost savings in gas and the greatly reduced stress that two wheel travel offers over the caged beast style of travel.

Just remember to get your slow ass out of the center lane (the one between the lanes of stopped traffic) when a faster bike comes up behind you.

And don't get a Harley, they are not fun to commute on at all, they are too wide, too slow, not good on gas and too damned noisy. But that's just me, chubby aging hipsters seem to love them.

By the way, the guy in the picture in the linked article should be wearing a helmet and jacket since scooters are, by their nature, less stable than a motorcycle and motos are eminently dumpable and that striped oxford will offer absolutely no protection whatsoever. And road rash is both painful and uncool.
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